Thursday, September 11, 2008

3 Great Life Philosophies to Remove Sadness and Anxiety

Life philosophy 1

The world appreciates a person’s strong will, but
does not give pity for a person’s weak tears. A
determined person can overcome any difficulty, while
a weak-hearted one may never perform well with a
comfortable situation. Be strong.

Life philosophy 2

Over-speaking and over-thinking are useless and may
cause troubles. In this situation, the most important
thing is to make actions - moderate physical work or
physical exercises. Actions can strengthen your
determination; actions can adjust your hormones to a
better status and give you a calm mood.

Life philosophy 3

Non-sleeping rest does not mean stop doing and thinking
anything. Non-sleeping rest is not equal to being idle.
Actually, a person can not stop thinking as long as he/she
is awake. Being idle may lead to negative thinking which
will disturb you. Non-sleeping rest really means light
working (such as doing light house work) and light
thinking (such as planning a vacation). Do not let yourself
be idle.